A cargo electric 100 % to transport some coal
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A cargo electric 100 % to transport some coal

The electric assaulted the automobile world, in particular because of DieselGate, but other sectors are interested in it. Among them, a sector little known by the general public: that of the transport ships of goods. China revealed in November, 2017 to have thrown the first ship cargo boat electric 100 % to the world. A real revolution which, in China, sets a little bit absurd turning point.

If the cargo boat is supposed not to pollute thanks to an engine electric 100 %, China is going to use him to feed the most polluting energy which is.

2 hours of load for lithium-ion batteries

The cargo boat, built by the company Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Ltd, is capable of transporting up to 2.000 tons thanks to its 70,5 meters long. A record for a boat electric 100 %. And he is fed by lithium-ion batteries allowing to free 2.400 kilowatt-hours. In comparison, electric motor cars consume 40 times less.

Batteries take care in two hours, that is the time required to be unloaded, and they allow a 80 kilometer autonomy with a 12,8 kilometer top speed per hour. The boat, which thus emits no pollution, was put into service on the river of Pearls and it is there that his(her,its) existence takes a little bit particular form.

The idea of a cargo boat electric 100 % has enough to seduce: at the end of polluting emissions and, especially, at the end of the risk of oil spills. But with a 80 kilometer autonomy, it is obvious that it is not still possible to make, to this type of boats, the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean do. That falls well, it is not its purpose.

The boat is going to serve simply to transport some coal. The latter, which is the most polluting fossil fuel of all, will serve to feed the diverse power plants which are on the river of Pearls.

The Chinese thus built an environment-friendly boat to reduce the costs bound to the transport of the least respectful shape of fuel of the same environment. If you want to shout very hardly " kamoulox! ", it is the good moment.