Apple is going to acquire Shazam
Posted in 24/12/2017 by admin. category: technology
Apple is going to acquire Shazam

The rumors ran since a few days, it is confirmed from now on. The giant in the apple Apple is going to acquire the application of musical gratitude Shazam, indicated both groups in declarations passed on separately on Monday, December 11th.

No indication was given to the purchase price. But this operation is the confirmation of the new ambitions of Apple in the musical offer, the more and more competitive sector and at present dominated by Spotify. According to several specialized sites, of which TechCrunch, who had stated an imminent link from Friday, the amount would be situated around 400 million dollars.

Apple is late on the market of the streaming

Pioneer on the musical download with iTunes, Apple missed, on the other hand, the first trains of the streaming and threw its offer Apple Music only in June, 2015. His subscribers' wallet already reaches 27 million Internet users (at the end of June), but it is situated at good distance of Spotify, which claims 60 millions. The Swedish group asserts even having 140 million active users in 61 countries.

The competition still strengthened for two years with the arrival of YouTube in November, 2015 and Amazon, in October, 2016, with Amazon Music Unlimited.

Two "complementary" companies

Shazam was based in 1999 and used at first the functions of messaging of mobile phones to identify songs. It has business relationships with Apple for several years, having been one of first musical applications presented by the App Store d' Apple. Shazam asserts that his application was downloaded a billion times.

For Apple, the firm in the apple and Shazam "is complementary". "We have projects in cardboards and we are impatient persons to being able to unite with Shazam once approved the agreement of today".