China accused of delivering in secret some oil in North Korea in spite of the penalties
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China accused of delivering in secret some oil in North Korea in spite of the penalties

The United States and South Korea evoke " transshipments of petroleum products refined between two vessels " while new penalties were adopted on December 22nd.

China forbade, on Friday, December 29th, to deliver in secret some oil in North Korea, after charges this way of Donald Trump and the inspection by South Korea of a Hong-Kong ship which would have transshipped some hydrocarbons on a building of Pyongyang.
Caught the RED-HANDED ", threw the American president on Thursday on Twitter, saying himself"very disappointed to see China allowing the oil to enter North Korea "in violation of the penalties adopted by the UNO to force Pyongyang to be given up his nuclear program. "There will never be a friendly solution" with North Korea "if it continues", threatened the American president, who has already evoked a military action against this country.

A person in charge of the American State Department specified that "certain ships", among which of the Chinese boats, "were engaged in activities prohibited by the UNO, including transshipments of petroleum products refined between two vessels and the transport of coal resulting from North Korea".

A charge categorically rejected by Beijing, which considered this information as "inaccurate" and took itself in terms hardly veiled from Donald Trump's tweet. "To make of the beating without reason via the media does not contribute to the strengthening of the mutual confidence and the cooperation", declared Chinese Ministry Spokesman of the Foreign Affairs, Hua Chunying.

South Korea denounces "illegal networks"
But the charges of president Trump seem confirmed by South Korea, which announced on Saturday to have seized on November 24th a Hong-Kong ship, a Lighthouse Winmore, which had transferred petroleum products on a North Korean boat, a Sam Jong 2, in international waters, in violation of the penalties. Declarations which intervene after a new hardening by the UNO of the penalties against Kim Jong's diet un.

"It is a typical case of the way the penalties of the UN Security Council of which North Korea by-passes hypocritically by using its illegal networks", declared to the journalists a person in charge of the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The spokeswoman of Beijing disputed this information by asserting that the boat in question had not cast anchor in Chinese ports since August.

Penalties against eight ships

The Security Council multiplied these last years the trains of penalties to force Pyongyang to give up its nuclear and ballistic programs. And by banishing on Thursday three North Korean ships and one of Palau, according to a final list adopted by the UNO, the executive of the UN doubled in fact the number of forbidden boats of ports.

Four other ships, beating detached house of the Comoros, Saint-Kitts-et-Nevis, the Cambodia and North Korea, had already been forbidden by ports in October, the first one(night) in the history of United Nations.