China flies the AG600
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China flies the AG600

THE AG600 could be used by China within the framework of its projects in the maritime sectors competed by South China Sea.

THE AG600, the biggest seaplane of the world, a device builds in China, made its inaugural flight, on Sunday, December 24th.
Nicknamed "Kunlong" according to the official agency new China, the AG600 is equipped with four turboprops and is supposed to be able to stay 12 hours in the air. He can embark 50 people.

He approaches by the size of the Boeing 737 and he is widely more tall than all other devices conceived(designed) to settle on the water and to unstick it, declared the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the CCIA, Geng Ruguang, quoted by the agency.

The scale of its wings is smaller however considerably than that of H-4 Hercules, an oversize seaplane conceived by Hughes Aircraft (of the business tycoon Howard Hughes) in the 1940s to transport the allied troops. This device is considered as the biggest never built although it flew only only once, in 1947.