Ferrari worth Rs.100 mn in Colombo
Posted in 28/12/2017 by admin. category: technology
Ferrari worth Rs.100 mn in Colombo

"One Ten Second" sports car, bought below from a cost of Rs. 100 millions (included taxes) in whom we say to go from 0 kph to just 200 kph we saw 8.7 seconds, at the Airport International Bandaranaike (BIA) earlier this week, Customs sources said.

Indubitable, yellow colored ' Ferrari 488 Spider ' who is equipped with the architecture of  full convertible Spider, was brought back to be bought below by an owner of a hotel chain.

The vehicle is brought back to have arrived the Airport International Bandaranaike (BIA) on the day before Christmas and had cleared  after the fiscal component was paid to the customs.

According to the, the vehicle which is the last product to take out of Ferrari Maranello the Head office, is the model of Spider the most powerful and most innovative ever built Ferrari.

The heart of the car is equipped with one 3902cc stepped on it of the engine V8 and the races from 0 to 100 kph in apartment of 3 seconds.