Harry Kane better striker of year 2017!
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Harry Kane better striker of year 2017!

Harry Kane offered himself a new triplet against Southampton, after that realized the previous day against Burnley, and so became the best striker over the year 2017, in front of Messi and Cavani.

It was its challenge, the ultimate of 2017. If he marked 2 purposes in the face of Southampton it on Tuesday afternoon to Wembley, Harry Kane became the best striker on the calendar year. After 40 minutes of game, it was made. By offering itself one doubled in first half, before tripling the putting in the second period, thus the English aggressor reached 56 purposes registered in 2017, any confused competitions (49 in club and 7 in selection), in 51 competed matches. Thus here he/it is in front of Lionel Messi (54 purposes) and the trio Cristiano Ronaldo-Robert Lewandowski-Edinson Cavani (53 purposes) in the term of an exceptional year.

Sometimes slandered by no lovers of the English football, Harry Kane proved by his regularity and his efficiency that it was necessary to consider it one of the best aggressors of the planet. If we refer to figures, it is the same best ... Before registering his 2nd purpose, he had already beaten a record: thus he had become the first player to register 37 purposes (then 39) in The first one League over one year, outstripping legendary Alan Shearer.

His statistics make wonder: in The first one League, he offered itself 7 doubled, 5 triplets and 1 quadruplet. His May and December, in championship, will have been the most prolific, with 8 registered purposes. Here he/it is from now on at the top of the list strikers of the current season, with 18 realizations in the 20 days, having already taken away the title of better striker in England the past season, with 29 purposes. More than ever a machine to stand out whose future will be at the heart of the debates the next summer.