Honda Insight 3
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Honda Insight 3

Declined in two generations since 1999, Honda Insight never succeeded in standing out on the market of the hybrid sedan. The third draft does not want to live any more in the shade(shadow) of Toyota Prius. In the lounge of Detroit, Honda presents a vindictive concept-coach.
Honda will reveal to the lounge of Detroit (from 14 till 29 January 2018) a concept-coach prefiguring rather faithfully the lines of the third generation of Honda Insight.

Honda does not want to be anymore in the shade and puts the package so that this third opus quite has a chance.

Of a format of 4,63 m of length, Honda Insight is a little more impressive than his competitor (4,55 m). She resumes the body of Honda Civic at 4 doors, designed at first for the North American market but which is also proposed in Europe. 

However, to mark well the difference on the technical plan between Civic and Insight, the latter distinguishes itself by the treatment of its extremities. A recipe which Toyota also uses to distinguish Toyota Prius and Toyota Prius Rechargeable.