IPHONE X: Apple wants to share the data of the facial scanner
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IPHONE X: Apple wants to share the data of the facial scanner

THE iPhone X arrives in Apple store on Friday, November 3rd, 2017 and it is the opportunity for the agency Reuters to release a real bomb on the new smartphone of the firm of Cupertino: Apple plans to share the data of the facial scanner with the third developers. The latter will indeed need it to create new features using the 3D scanner of the last smartphone of Apple.

A division which does not miss to raise questions with the experts: the latter had already emitted the fears at the level of the biometric data taken in by Apple, but the group had shown itself reassuring.

The data of the facial scanner stored in the iPhone X but not totally

When Apple had officially announced that the iPhone X did not have a reader anymore of imprints but only a 3D facial scanner (supposed to be the most successful of the sector), certain experts had worried: where were going to be stored these sensitive biometric data? Apple had answered then simply that they were not going to go out of the iPhone. Of what to be reassured.

But the Reuters agency was able to obtain a copy of the agreement linking Apple to the third developers. We discover it that the latter will have well access to the data of the facial scanner: they can get back a mapping of the face as well as 50 different facial expressions. Only condition: to obtain the agreement clarifies of the user and to respect the conditions of use of Apple which are very enriched.