Mercedes-Benz VITO beats the odds
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Mercedes-Benz VITO beats the odds

By realizing a really remarkable ranging-pole in the mileage, Mercedes-Benz announced the successful completion of unprecedented sound Around Sri Lanka in a Reservoir with VITO's Challenge.

Organized by DIMO PLC, the ambitious adventure was conceived to prove definitively the unequalled economy of fuel of Benz VITO's van, succeeding arecord the scale of journey of three days more than 1,324 kilometers of the stunning coastal belt of Sri Lanka, everything on just man a single 70 liter reservoir of fuel.

To lead the aroundthe load the island was carried out the driver and the journalist of motor sport enthusiast, Sam Smith, which put Benz VITO by his speeds during the long journey. By beginning of the showroom of Mercedes-Benz DIMO in Colombo, the Smith travelled the South along the coast to Yala on the First day when the drivers were handled in a brief but memorable stay in the Wild Cinnamon having realized an economy of fuel of 18.5 km by liter.

Then, two Benz VITOS went back up along the crossing East coast  scenic coastal cities in the Bay of Arugam, where they were welcomed to Trinco Blu by the Cinnamon with an average of adding up of economy 19.45km/l 718km, before the arrangement of a course for the big palms  of Jaffna the third and final day of the car journey with the longest and the day before the most stimulating they.

"I have to say that this was completely an energy stimulating, particularly during the second and third days. We did not modify Mercedes-Benz Vito many: he was executed with the normal pressures of tire and the air conditioning for the energy. The first day was rather direct and we were able to finish the day being coming to an end in the beautiful Cinnamon the Wild hotel. But from there on, it was rather stimulating. We began our day well before the sunrise and continued on." He took a lot of regulation of us to modify our technique of conduct to realize one so incredibly high economy of fuel. During this period of learning, our economy of fuel was 16 km by liter, which was below our target  of 21 km by liter, however, with the gradual acceleration and the home to maintain the moose, we were able to do well working VITO on the mark, "he gave details.