Microsoft becomes allied to Carlsberg to make some beer
Posted in 29/12/2017 by admin. category: technology
Microsoft becomes allied to Carlsberg to make some beer

The American publisher is going to supply to the Danish brewer of the solutions to design more quickly new beers thanks to the artificial intelligence.
What report is there between Microsoft and the Danish brewer of beer Carlsberg? A priori none, except when it comes to artificial intelligence. The objective is to reduce the time of development of new beers, which is situated between 8 and 24 months. The design implements measuring devices (chromatography, spectrography), but especially human beings to find the aromas and the flavors from new origins of yeast. To accelerate the process, Carlsberg appealed to the researchers of the university of Aarhus, in Denmark, to design sensors capable of detecting certain aromas or certain flavors. According to Jochen Förster, director of the research laboratory at the brewer, sensors' use could reduce of 30 % the time of development.

To use the IA to sort out more quickly the data Stays the problem of the interpretation of the data stemming from sensors, which can take time if the quantities are important. From where the idea to appeal to Microsoft and to its expertise in artificial intelligence to sort out and obtain more quickly results. Carlsberg gives himself three years to realize tests to end in a commercially viable product. The brewer invested approximately 3,8 million euros in the operation, with the support of a Danish bottom of innovation at the level of approximately 2,4 million euros. Thus meeting in 2021 to taste maybe a new generation of beer, always to consume in moderation.