The former president Alberto Fujimori asks "for forgiveness"
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The former president Alberto Fujimori asks "for forgiveness"

The strong ex-man of the country, sentenced to twenty five years of prison for corruption and crime against humanity, benefited from a " humanitarian grace " on Sunday.

The Peruvian former president Alberto Fujimori asked "for forgiveness", on Tuesday, December 26th, for acts committed by his government between 1990 and 2000. " I am aware that the results under my government were welcomed well, partially, but I recognize that I also disappointed a part of my fellow countrymen. I apologize to them of the bottom of the heart " he declared in a video posted on Facebook.

Since 2007, Alberto Fujimori served a sentence of twenty five years of prison for corruption and crimes against humanity. He was convicted to have sponsored two massacres committed by a death squad in 1991 and 1992 within the framework of the fight against the Maoist guerrilla warfare of the Shining Path; twenty five people had then been killed.

Humanitarian grace 
Mister . Fujimori, today 79-year-old, benefited from a " humanitarian grace ", on Sunday, December 24th, granted by the current president of the republic, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. The day before, the former strong man of Peru had been hospitalized because of a low blood pressure and of an arrhythmia.

The announcement of this humanitarian grace caused demonstrations on Monday evening. More than 5 000 people so came down in the streets of the capital, Lima, to protest against this decision and require the resignation of the current Head of State, to whom they blame for having negotiated this measure to political ends.