The organization Islamic State claims the attack New York
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The organization Islamic State claims the attack New York

Sayfullo Saipov, the author of the attack  of New York which made eight deaths in Manhattan on Tuesday, October 31st, was a "soldier" of the organization Islamic State ( EI), assured on Thursday, November 2nd the weekly of on-line propaganda of the terrorist group, Al-Naba, quoted by SITE, an American center specialized in the on-line surveillance of the jihadist sphere of influence.
" One of the soldiers of the Islamic State attacked crusaders in a street of New York ", assured an article of Al-Naba in reference to the suspect, Sayfullo Saipov, the Uzbek arrived at the United States in 2010 which acted " in the name of the EI ", according to the New York police.
Sayfullo Saipov, who threw on Tuesday his small van on passers-by and cyclists in the South of Manhattan, had claimed its allegiance in the EI on Wednesday himself, before being charged by the federal prosecutor of Manhattan of two federal counts of indictment: violence and destruction of vehicles, and support for a foreign terrorist organization.

These charges expose him to the life imprisonment, indicated the prosecutor, who also also evoked the possibility of the death penalty. In a State as New York, where the capital punishment is not in force, it would suppose however that the federal government uses a law of exception, a rare approach which would take years, according to the experts.
Trump demands the death penalty Donald Trump, who multiplies the higher bids since the drama of the beginning of week, demanded him on Thursday the death penalty for the author of the attack, whose profile, more and more precise, shows that it became more radical gradually since its arrival to the United States, in 2010. On Twitter, the American president also evoked the idea to send the suspect in Guantánamo.