The PSG blocks Kevin Trapp
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The PSG blocks Kevin Trapp

The everyday life the Team explains today that the club of the capital has no intention to get rid of Kevin Trapp, in spite of interests of English clubs and will of the German to save time of game.

" If he has a chance there in winter, Kevin wants to leave Paris ". Jörg Neubauer, agent of Kevin Trapp, was very clear in his words granted to SPORT1 at the end of December. It is necessary to say that the Parisian doorman - blocked by Alphonse Aréola - hopes to be present in World on 2018 with the German selection. And at the moment, it is necessarily badly left, because he will a priori have to content himself with appointments on a permanent basis during matches of French cup or League Cup. And pretenders are not missing, because if Borussia Dortmund was a time announced at the time, Newcastle and Crystal Palace recently came to the news according to the Team.

But Paris Saint-Germain would have no intention to get rid of the German doorman. Why? Simply because the third guard, Rémy Descamps, recently joined Tours in loan, while Sébastien Cibois ( 19 years) is not judged yet up to standard. It would be necessary to recruit at first a new guard before letting Trapp fly away towards new horizons. What is a priori not at all the priority of the PSG, what bustles on other posts as the midfielder.

" For what I know, he is very satisfied here, in the team, with his team-mates, in Paris. He did not tell me that he wanted to leave from here ", Unai Emery in press conference on Friday confided from his/her part. Everything thus carries to believe that - except unhoped-for change in the situation - Kevin Trapp is going to have to champ at the bit on the substitutes' bench until June, front in being possibly able to find a new falling point.