Toyota became world leader of the hybrid
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Toyota became world leader of the hybrid

The Japanese builder, the pioneer of the hybrid, celebrates this year on the 20 years of Prius. It is with her that everything began and that Toyota made of this technology a trademark. Today, the firm sold more than 10 million hybrids worldwide. How was born this success story, which represents the hybrid within the current range and which are tracks for the future? Survey.

From the end of the 90s, Toyota wanted a station wagon with ecological vocation but nevertheless practical and pleasant to lead. The objective was to divide by two the consumption of fuel and to reduce polluting emissions. The basic principle: 2 engines which complement each other in the domains where they are the greediest in energy. The electric supplants the thermal for the phases of take-off, the low-speed traffic and the traffic jams. The engine gasoline takes over during the strong requested.

In the summer, 1994, the concept G21 was approved in its main lines and in 1997 the first standard car with hybrid-electric motorization to the world was born in Japan. Prius was then equipped with one 1.5 gasoline and of an electric engine showing a power combined of 70 ch. His marketing on the European market will intervene in 2000.