With the iPhone X, Apple put on record sales
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With the iPhone X, Apple put on record sales

A few hours hardly before the world exit of its new smartphone, the iPhone X, Apple published, on Thursday, November 2nd, its quarterly results. With a 52,6 billion dollar turnover (45,1 billion euros), increasing by 12 %, and sales of smartphones which amounted to 46,7 million units, the mark in the apple exceeded the expectations of the market. "We showed our best turnover for a last quarter", congratulated himself during a conference call Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, the group having a moved exercise ending at the end of September.
Besides the good behavior of the sales of telephones (+ 2 %), which establish more than half income, the strong growth of the "services" (Apple store, Apple Pay, etc.) - Increasing by 34 % to reach a 8,5 billion dollar amount - doped the results of the mark in the apple.

The results are all the more reassuring for Apple as they intervene for the a little bit particular period. In spite of the exit in September of iPhones 8 and 8 +, numerous observers were afraid of seeing the sales of smartphones weakening, the customers preferring maybe to save itself for the exit of the iPhone X. Announced September 12th, this new product, marketed in France from 1 159 euros, is indeed eagerly awaited. Arrived ten years later the first iPhone, equipped for the first time with a screen OLED of edge to edge, the iPhone X marks a new stage in the range of the smartphones of Apple. But his launch, relatively late in the calendar, is also carrier of its prize of concerns.

According to the estimations of KGI Securities, Apple would not even be in capacity to answer at the request of the buyers for the only weekend of the launch. The cabinet  indeed considers that hardly two in three million rooms will be available by end of the week. A volume which seems very insufficient with regard to the previous launches of the brand. Three days after its launch on the market, in September, 2015, the iPhone 6S had been already sold to 13 million copies. Let be the best launch this day for an iPhone.
Even if stock shortages are usual during the marketings of iPhone, the question seems to settle with more acuteness this year. The experts of KGI Safeties revised downwards their forecasts of production and consider from now on that only 25 in 30 million units can be produced by the end of the year, against 30 in 35 millions initially envisaged. Already, there are many analysts who consider that supply problems should go on till the beginning of 2018, what could press on the particularly crucial sales of the end of year.